5 Top Benefits of a Kybella Double Chin Treatment

The double chin is usually an aesthetic problem that disturbs people of all ages. Fortunately, a fairly new cosmetic treatment is now in place that’s able to transform a poorly defined jawline and chin into a slender and sleek one. Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable that eliminates fat in the submental area (underneath the chin).

Below are some of the top benefits of Kybella®:

1. Minimally-invasive

A multitude of cosmetic procedures have gone beyond surgical options, and Kybella® tops the list. The treatment provides a much less invasive approach to get rid of any double chin. With simple injections instituted by a trained and licensed provider, it’s possible for you to accomplish the profile and appearance you really want.

2. Fast and easy

Our team will articulate your individual needs and concerns and determine how many injections are appropriate to achieve the desired results. The tiny injections inserted in the double chin comprise of deoxycholic acid, which helps in the breakdown of fat cells before being absorbed and banished from the body.

3. Little to no downtime

With virtually little to no downtime at all after receiving treatment, you may return to and resume your everyday activities immediately. Although there may be some minor and temporary effects, this lasts for a short time and eventually dissipates.

4. Results are designed to be permanent

Kybella® isn’t a reversible solution to the problem of a double chin. In fact, striking results begin to appear a few weeks after the first session of treatment and are usually permanent. You shouldn’t require any further treatment afterward. The excess fat cells will be gone for good, and you’ll enjoy a younger, more refreshed appearance.

5. Youthful results

A double chin often makes people appear older than they actually are, and nobody wants that. By getting rid of a double chin, not only is the jawline redefined, but your overall appearance is also more youthful and your confidence stays in check all the time.

With this simple treatment, you can say goodbye to your double chin forever. Spa Black offers Kybella® treatments to help you achieve the youthful look you’ve always wanted. Contact our med spa in San Antonio today to schedule a consultation and get started.