Consider Kybella to Address the Aging Jawline

Is your metabolism slowing down, causing you to gain weight as you age? Even as we keep up with our exercise regimens, gaining weight can continue to be a challenge as we enter into the middle stage of life. Many people become frustrated with their overall appearance and lose hope that they will ever regain the youthful appearance they once enjoyed. If you find that your face is changing as you age, and you are losing the strong chin and jawline that you once enjoyed, it’s time to give the team at Spa Black, our med spa in San Antonio, a call. Kybella® can help diminish the appearance of double chins and jowls and help you look like your old self again!

How Does Kybella® Work?
As we age our skin becomes more pliable and less taut which can lead to a sagging appearance. Around the neck and jawline, this lax skin can create the appearance of a double chin or jowls that can be difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise. Loss of muscle tone and the collection of fat that occurs in this area can be stubborn, if not impossible, to eliminate. If you are tired of seeing this change and have not been successful in fixing it, Kybella® can give you the results you desire. This injectable works by breaking up the fat cells and tissue that collect around the jawline and chin, thereby making it easier for your body to flush them away.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?
Kybella® injections are done over multiple appointments which are spread out a month or so apart. Depending on your current appearance and the results you are after, it may take several months. You will begin to see improvements after two or three rounds of injections, with most people needing six to achieve their desired look. Your aesthetician will review the treatment plan with you before you get started and will evaluate your progress together before each appointment. Results last for years and many people find that one cycle of Kybella® treatments is enough.

Are you ready to have a strongly defined jawline again? Is now the time to finally say goodbye to that double chin? Give yourself the appearance that you want by calling Spa Black today to schedule your Kybella® consultation. Start the New Year off loving the way that you look again at our spa in San Antonio.