How Soon Does Kybella Work?

Out of a desire to look their best, many people seek to eliminate the excess volume that can appear under the jaw commonly referred to as a double chin. But this is not always easy. People can maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise yet still suffer from a double chin. Thankfully, a medication and treatment called Kybella, available at fine beauty spas like Med Spa in San Antonio, TX is now addressing this problem.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is the first treatment of its kind. It is a prescription medication with the chemical name deoxycholic acid. Medical professionals use this cytolytic medication during non-surgical treatments to improve appearance by reducing moderate to severe sagging below the chin.

It is not uncommon for people to report that even after losing several pounds of weight, they still cannot seem to rid themselves of a double chin. Kybella works by dissolving the extra fullness under the chin to improve the profile of people who desire a tighter contour of their jawline, including those previously unable to do so through diet and exercise.

How Soon Does Kybella Work?

Results are typically noticeable just a few weeks subsequent to starting treatment. Some patients recognize a change after only two to four sessions. Those who are looking for the maximum amount of correction may desire up to six treatments spaced no less than one month apart. A clinical study for Kybella showed that participants who received the full number of treatments noticed up to an 80% reduction in the size of their chins.

What Makes Kybella Unique?


Kybella has gained widespread popularity because of its ease of use, which is a primary reason it is also popular among men. There are even several celebrities who have received the noninvasive treatment, such as Khloe Kardashian, who tried Kybella to help sculpt her jawline. The treatment is suitable for adults starting at age 19 and continuing up to age 65 and beyond.


To make the treatment more affordable, Allergan, the manufacturer of Kybella, offers a free rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions that allows patients to earn points during each treatment. Participants then redeem these points for savings on future treatments. They can also earn points when shopping at their favorite retailers who take part in the Brilliant Distinctions program. Brilliant Distinctions even has a free phone application for tracking, managing and redeeming points.


Treatment can be extremely tailored. It is not a one-size-fits-all service since no two chins are alike. For example, not everyone will need the same number of treatments, because the distribution of everyone’s excess cell tissue is not the same.

The Difference Between CoolSculpting and Kybella

Both these treatments can remove pockets of unwanted tissue beneath the chin. However, CoolSculpting essentially freezes stubborn fat cells, which the body then disposes of through the lymphatic system; whereas Kybella dissolves fat cell membranes to kill them so they are once again removed through the body’s lymphatic system. The main advantage of Kybella is a shorter amount of time spent receiving treatment during each session.

About the Treatment

Only a specially trained healthcare specialist can deliver treatment. The practitioner delivers the medicine through a series of small injections to the desired treatment area using an extremely thin needle. These injections will typically feel like tiny pinpricks. The end result is a leaner contour to the jawline due to the medication breaking down pockets of unwanted tissue into smaller components that the body can then carry away.

The medicine comes in a bottle technically known as a vial. Each vial typically treats an area about the size of two business cards. Normally a full chin will require one to four vials per treatment depending on the amount of fullness. People with larger pockets of tissue may require successive treatments spaced no less than one month apart.

Side Effects

The experience is virtually painless. During treatment, many say they feel no sensation at all since the practitioners use numbing agents during injection. Still, there might be a slight tingle, tenderness, or other sensations in the injected area after completing the treatment. This should subside within a day.

For those who do experience such discomfort, icing the area usually helps. Again, these sensations should be completely manageable and are unlikely to sideline those who receive treatment from their regular activities. Consequently, patients need not do anything extra post-treatment.


Given that this is an outpatient treatment, there is no downtime. Once treatment is completed, the individual receiving care should be able to return home and resume normal activities. However, some people might opt to refrain from certain social engagements if visible signs of treatment are present.

Length of Results

Kybella treats the area forever with just a few easy shots. The treatment destroys and removes the excess tissue in the targeted area. Anyone who evidences a double chin unrelated to being overweight can experience a dramatic improvement in appearance in just a few treatments. When treatment follows the correct protocols, the results look natural because the treatment gradually reduces excess cells. Results, therefore, simulate a weight loss type of outcome.

Scheduling Sessions

When planning multiple treatments, keep in mind that there must be a four-week interval between the delivery of treatment in the same area. Accordingly, if one intends to get treatment so that the results will be apparent by the time of a special event, it is necessary to schedule the sessions several months prior to when the results are needed. Also, it is not a good idea to schedule sessions just before a trip just in case any post-treatment conditions develop that might need attention.


does kybella workThe first step to receiving treatment is to schedule a consultation with a trained healthcare professional to discuss treatment details, address questions, and ensure the person considering treatment is a suitable candidate. The consultant might be a nurse, nurse practitioner or medical doctor.

To determine if someone is a proper candidate for the treatment, there are a number of standard steps a practitioner might take. One is to pinch and palpate the area under the candidate’s chin in the midline to ensure there is sufficient fat for treatment. The practitioner will want to rule out other potential causes of fullness under the chin, such as thyroid abnormality or cervical lymphadenopathy, a disease affecting the lymph nodes.

Another standard practice is to pull the skin under the chin. The practitioner must give careful consideration to the use of the treatment in patients with excessive skin laxity. In such cases, the reduction of fat under the chin could cause an aesthetically undesirable outcome.

And finally, the examiner is likely to have the treatment candidate tense the broad sheet of muscle fibers extending from the collarbone to the angle of the jaw. This will further define the fat within the target treatment area. This is necessary because the reduction of submental fat in individuals with prominent bands of muscle fibers in this area might also result in an outcome that is not aesthetically desirable.

Treatment Protocol

During the actual treatment sessions, the practitioner will begin treatment by cleaning the lower face and the underside of the neck with an appropriate topical antiseptic. They might use an ice pack or cold pack and topical or injectable local anesthesia to enhance the patient’s comfort.

Using a skin-marking pen or pencil, the practitioner will then mark the anterior, posterior and lateral borders of the treatment area. The practitioner will also mark no-treatment zones to maximize safety. Following this, they will remove and discard a clear protective top sheet from the skin-marking grid transfer.

The professional will then press the skin-marking grid firmly into the clean, dry skin, with the printed grid pattern facing the skin, and follow this with a thoroughly wet cotton ball or pad with sterile water. The practitioner will press the cotton down to wet the entire paper backing while maintaining an even pressure, possibly protecting the patient’s clothing using a paper towel.

After waiting 15 seconds, the practitioner will peel off and discard the backing. The healthcare professional will then apply another ice or cold pack for five minutes prior to administering Kybella.

Practitioners determine the Kybella dose by counting the number of dots within the previously defined target treatment area and prepare a number of syringes based on these calculations.

The Injections

The nurse, nurse practitioner, or medical doctor then pinches the excess tissue between two fingers and administers the injection perpendicular to the skin until the needle is midway into the underlying tissue. This introduces 0.2 mL of Kybella next to each grid marking, or dot, within the target treatment area. To avoid injury, the practitioner will avoid injection into any muscle fiber.

Post Treatment

Afterward, the doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner will apply an ice pack or a cold pack to the treatment area for 5 to 15 minutes and remove the grid and markings using cotton dampened with isopropyl alcohol. The professional will then assess smiling and swallowing and communicate posttreatment expectations.

The caregiver will probably encourage the patient to schedule their next treatment session before leaving the office. It is not unusual to recommend that those looking for an ideal amount of correction receive multiple vials and or treatments. The medical consultant will help determine the required number of sessions and/or treatment vials. Often people find each subsequent treatment session easier than the last because they know what to expect.

Before-and-After Photos

The facility may be taking photographs to document the results of treatment, using consistent lighting and equipment. To further maximize consistency between photos, the horizontal alignment between the eyes and the ears should remain the same. These photos will show the success of treatment and whether additional treatment might be necessary.

Where to Go for Treatment

When choosing a treatment location, it is important to seek a facility with highly experienced nurses, nurse practitioners and/or doctors specifically trained on how to administer treatments, such as those at Spa San Antonio—a location committed to serving clients with the absolute best experiences and results. Excellence should be their standard, and what satisfies them should be nothing less than patients happy with their results.

With the availability of treatments like Kybella, there is no reason anyone should have to put up with a double chin any longer. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, get answers to your questions, and find out if a better-defined jawline is in your future. Take action by contacting the knowledgeable and caring professionals at Med Spa in San Antonio, TX today.