Interested in Looking Younger? Try Kybella

We can sometimes find ourselves looking into the mirror and not totally loving what we see. Whether you would love to erase the fine lines around your eyes, or you have nasolabial folds, sometimes you just want a little pick-me-up to give your appearance a youthful boost. The team at Spa Black, a med spa in San Antonio, understands this frustration and has worked with many clients who are looking for a small tweak that can have a huge impact on their look. Even for people who don’t mind a few laughter lines, the loss of a sharply defined jawline can be frustrating. If you would love to see your double chin eradicated and enjoy the jawline that you had in your younger years, Kybella® may be exactly what you’re looking for.
What Exactly Is Kybella®?
This treatment permanently destroys fat cells, meaning that you will only need it once, and removes double chins and collected fat around the jawline. The course of treatment typically includes a series of injections to the treated area. The number of required shots will vary based on the look that you want and how much fat has collected under your chin. If you are tired of a less-than-perfect profile, Kybella® is a safe and effective option that you may want to explore. This treatment is effective in the destruction and removal of stubborn fat cells that have lodged themselves under your chin.
About Double Chins
The chin is one of those unfortunate areas of the body affected by gravity. It’s also an area where fat cells can deposit and stay. Many women find that once they reach middle age their chin takes on a life of its own! This is the stage of your life when changes to your diet and an increase in your activity and exercise levels don’t help, making the issue more of a worry. There can also be genetic factors at play, making the removal of a double chin more difficult. Even if you are happy with your overall appearance and weight, the collection of fat cells beneath your chin and jaw can start to bother you. It is amazing how much a taut jawline can help make you look as young as you feel!
Ready to learn more about the fantastic benefits of Kybella® at our spa in San Antonio? The team at Spa Black would be more than happy to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!