Take Years Off Your Face with Kybella Chin Contouring

Kybella® is a non-surgical procedure used to remove a double chin to restore the natural definition of the face. A double chin appears when an extra layer of fat forms under your chin. A double chin can also occur due to lax skin or genetics. It is almost impossible to completely get rid of your double chin with regular diet and exercise.

Kybella®, using a special substance called deoxycholic acid, is FDA-approved for treating and correcting a double chin. Both men and women can dramatically enhance their chin when they undergo a Kybella® treatment at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX.

Remove Excess Fat

The secret behind this revolutionary beauty treatment is the destruction of fat cells under the chin. These cells gather and store fat unnecessarily. Our expert professional will inject the deoxycholic acid solution into the tissues to disable the cells, which will then break down and be absorbed into the body over time.

Tighten and Contour

Once the fat is reduced, the skin below the neck may even appear tighter. The chin will be contoured to suit your desired look. The jawline usually appears more chiseled and defined once the extra layer of fat is removed and the chin is reshaped.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance

A major beauty benefit of Kybella® is its ability to give you a younger-looking appearance. You will most likely look older in your ‘before’ photo due to the chunk of fat hanging from the chin. But your ‘after’ photo may reveal a dramatic transformation once the fullness under your chin is reduced with Kybella®.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Treatments with the injectable Kybella® are safe and it is the only FDA-approved substance for removing submental fat from beneath the chin. It is a preferred treatment for clients who want to avoid invasive surgery to correct a double chin and contour their jawline.

Contour your chin and jawline while removing that embarrassing double chin! Get in touch with us at Spa Black to learn more. We are proud to offer a number of injectable treatments at our office, including BOTOX® and much more. Contact our med spa in San Antonio today to schedule a consultation!